Why Use AGI SureTrack in your Operation?

Utilizing Moisture/Temperature Sensors from AGI SureTrack allows you to monitor real time grain quality in your bin, delivering Assurance, Protection, Safety, & Peace of mind for the operation from anywhere in the palm of their hand.  You will no longer have to question when to run the fans and for how long, allowing the user to save on Energy costs (up to 25%).  With the AGI SureTrack Bin Manager Equipment, we are creating an atmosphere in the plenum to run the fans at the optimum time/air quality to meet the operations goals.  The system works well in many type of situations, whether you are using it for Natural Air Drying, utilizing with a Dryer, or hydrating grains, etc…for example.  On the majority of the farms the dryer is the “bottleneck” of the operation.  If the dryer can’t keep up with the combines, then everything slows down.  With a bin site assessment, we may be able to determine that it is possible to utilize the Bin Manager in the bin, to help ease work off of the dryer in certain situations. 

All Farms are unique and with AGI SureTrack, we offer a no charge Safe Storage Assessment to help determine the Grain Bin’s Capabilities allowing us to recommend the best management practice for the particular bin, or make changes to accomplish their goals.    This also allows us to recommend fan sizes for the grower when purchasing a new bin as well.

Bin Manager will increase revenue for the Farm with Higher Quality Grain for Premium Markets and reducing spoilage along with taking advantage of carry in the market for the best cash bids, and energy savings.


100,000 bu Corn Bin

Conservative loss of 1%

1,000 bu lost to spoilage

1,000 x $7.00 bu = $7,000.

This does not include the labor required to unload spoiled grain

Amount that may be recovered by potential blending of bad grain

With every Customer comes a dedicated Customer Service Representative.  They are there with the Grower every step of the way, and a second set of eyes for the customer, and there for any questions that may arise. 

Contact your Local Rep today to Schedule your Safe Storage Assessment and let us show you how AGI SureTrack can work for you!!